Our company is dedicated to deliver solutions to oil and gas production companies. Our main services and business lines are: Flowback, Well Testing, Sand Management and Early Production Facilities (EPF).


We have modular equipment mounted over Semi-Trailers. Control and interlocking system. Real-time data acquisition and monitoring. This modular and flexible system allows specific client requirements setup and configuration.

Well Testing

Rakiduamn's reengineering of traditional Well Testing processes (with camp and 24/7 staff) with two and three-phase separators fluids measurement through the use and application of technology with 24 hours a day real-time monitoring from Rakiduamn's control room, guaranteeing resources optimization.

Flow Back

This service main objective is to clean up the post-fractured well during the first hours of well opening, avoiding the production of remaining fracture sand at client's permanent production facilities, preventing this installation from suffering damages and production downtime due to well interventions. Our modular and semi-trailer mounted equipment guarantees short rig up/down times, as well as high efficiency in sand management.

Sand Management

Shale fields that require large hydraulic fractures for production, present sand throughout the life of the wells. To avoid damages in the facilities, it is necessary the utilization of Sand Filtering equipment at different points in the production process. Sand Management Service is designed to protect client's assets, making rational use of their resources. Rakiduamn offers Well head sand traps (10,000 PSI), as well as for Process (1440 PSI).

Early Production Facilities

Delivering technological solutions for our client's developments, according to the oil and gas prospectus, solving different problems in the construction or adaptation of Early Production Facilities. Our engineering department will carry out analysis, calculations, and verifications providing solutions to presented issues.


Rakiduamn designs equipment and small process installations with high added value using company's developed technologies to partner our clients in the operations start-up and during the production phase.

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Operating bases

Base Barda del Medio

25.000 m2 operating base
700 m2 office and warehouse
RN 151 - Km 31 - Barda del Medio
30 km from Neuquen 65 km from Añelo


Base Añelo

17.000 m2 operating base
700 m2 office and warehouse
Parque Industrial Añelo



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